3 Things You ABSOLUTELY Must Try At Evergreen!

3 Things You ABSOLUTELY Must Try At Evergreen!

Have your friends been going on and on about how awesome Evergreen is? Well, take it from a hard-core foodie, it actually is.

If you’re planning a visit soon and need suggestions on what to try once you’re there… well, here’s a helpful list! 😀

1- Laksa

Laksa at Evergreen

Laksa is actually listed in the “Starters” section of the menu but looking at the serving size makes you realise that it’s actually a full meal in itself. The chicken curry and rice noodle combination is extremely tasty while the hard-boiled egg along with the vegetables are a welcome addition. This dish is high on flavour and we definitely recommend it!

Price: 470 PKR

2- Greek Chicken Burger

Greek Chicken Burger

Yes, ordering a “chicken” burger anywhere raises quite a few eyebrows but trust us on this – this is no ordinary burger. Here, the chicken patty is actually stuffed with spinach and feta cheese, layered with basil mayo and then sandwiched between a wholewheat bun. This burger actually tastes as good as it sounds, if not better! We went back for it – twice.

Oh and you have the option of ordering it with sweet potato fries. We asked for regular fries though!

Price: 750 PKR

3- Wholegrain Mustard Snapper


Third on our recommendation list is this red snapper which is served as two pieces of baked fillet and with wholegrain mustard sauce. Fish, in itself, is a light meal to have, especially if its not fried in a batter. We highly approve of this dish as well and to be honest, making a mental note of trying this in the lemon caper variation that is also available.

If you’re love to have seafood and are looking for a relatively lighter option to have, this should be your order.

Price: 890 PKR


Evergreen has shown everyone how to do healthy food in an extremely refreshing, nutritious and tasty way. We hope this stays because we want to make going there a habit! 😀

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