This Place In Karachi Lets You Order Food From Outside

Did you read that correctly?

Yes, indeed! If you are one of those people who like to order their dessert from one place and their main course from another AND maybe also want to sit in a relaxed environment to chill with your friends or to have a business meeting, then your problem has a solution.

The Lounge is one such place in Karachi that lets you order from various other restaurants, including Okra, Espresso, The Bakery and so on. It also has an in-house menu that consists of mostly coffees and soft drinks but that’s good enough, to be honest.

Here are some photos of the place, so you don’t think I’m making it up:



For seating, they have those standard comfortable couches that don’t make you want to leave as soon as you sit on them. The servers at The Lounge provide you with menus of different restaurants and you can choose to order from any of those places.

Ordering from Okra is definitely a good offering considering how booked they usually are so being at The Lounge saves you the hassle of making a reservation.

This is also an amazing place to hangout if you have a really indecisive group of friends who can never decide what to eat or where to go.

My suggestion to The Lounge could be to add board games and maybe expand a little on the in-house menu to host a few staples like french fries so you can nibble on that while you wait for your respective orders to arrive.

Would you want to check it out?

The Lounge is located at Zamzama, in the lane behind Pizza Hut.


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