Here’s what went down at the foodpanda #goodfoodtour 2018!

Here’s what went down at the foodpanda #goodfoodtour 2018!

foodie shoodie 3

This time around the foodpanda #goodfoodtour was about exploring the new eateries in town. Tribeca, Chatterbox Deli, Praguery and Barcelos was on the agenda and we set off on the foodpanda bus with our appetites intact.


1- Tribeca was declared a favourite!

Out of all the eateries that we went to as part of the tour, Tribeca was probably the newest. Tacos were the order of the day but no one had any idea what to expect. However, their starters – beef steak bites with chimichurri set the tone for what was to come. The grilled steak tacos that followed, then took the cake.

2- MAJOR food scene happened at Chatterbox Deli

Chatterbox Deli was our second stop and Tribeca had set the bar really high. However, soon after we arrived, we were served with a whole variety of dishes and mint lemonades which had all of us going like, “gimme!”.

The list of food that was served at Chatterbox Deli included their Korean Chicken Rice Bowl, Spicy Fried Rice Bowl, Paprika Nachos, Korean Chicken Sliders and Turkey Bacon Basil Pasta.

foodie shoodie 2

3. Barcelos continued the good food streak!

The Cheesy Skillet Fries and the Chicken Feta Wrap were some of my personal favourites.


4. The Ferrero chimney at Praguery did not disappoint

From the minute the tour had started and we were given the menu to look at in our foodpanda #goodfoodtour package, everyone had been excited about one thing: trying out ferrero chimney at Praguery.

However, by the time we reached everyone had STUFFED themselves with all the food at the earlier 3 places. Things changed when the cones started to be made live at the counter.

Screen Shot 2018-07-25 at 8.58.21 AM.png

Above everything, the #goodfoodtour was a great opportunity to connect with new people, to talk about food, have food and ultimately to feel like a part of something good.

Interested in knowing more? Follow the #goodfoodtour hashtag on Instagram to see what everyone’s been saying about all the various food stops and maybe keep a lookout for the next one to come along. 😉


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