This Place In Karachi Lets You Make Your Own Pasta

This Place In Karachi Lets You Make Your Own Pasta

When people ask me for the best place to have pasta, I hesitate in giving an answer right away. Everyone has their own idea of what that perfect pasta dish looks like. If you want a no-fuss, comforting bowl of cheesy pasta, normally my go-to place is Hot Spot. If you’re craving for something that packs a little more flavour, Xander’s can be your best bet.

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Well that was true until I found myself trying this new restaurant at Khayaban-e-Nishat called Amichi.

“We were three friends who had graduated from IBA and we were working our respective jobs while thinking what we should do next. One day we found ourselves eating out in Dubai, where at a food place, they asked us how we’d like to have our pasta,” says Aboo Baker Mohammadi Gagai, one of the founding partners of Amichi.

“They were making it according to what we asked, on the spot,” he says.

That idea struck a chord and Amichi was born.

For a place just starting out, Amichi has a diverse menu. For starters, you can get things like coconut prawns to zesty wings while jalapeno poppers are already a hit.

It is however when you come to the mains that things get really interesting.

For their pizzas and pastas, you can choose and customise everything down to the sauces, toppings, meat additions. The price for a bowl of pasta (that you get to customise) is a PKR 550 – a much lower price point than most eateries.

We ordered a fettuccine pasta with pesto sauce, mushrooms and spinach.

The fettuccine was made in-house and as Gagai also later added: “For any good italian food place, they should be able to make their own pasta, pizza dough and offer good coffee.”

The latter is something that Amichi is planning to offer soon.


While it’s definitely easy to look at a menu and ask for a certain sauce, toppings etc. we weren’t really sure how it would all come together and taste like. The pasta that we got was very well-seasoned, with all the respective toppings adding their own distinctive flavour. We thought the ingredients used were fresh and even felt tempted to save some for midnight snacking. Now that’s one good pasta!

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In short, does Amichi deliver in terms of its food, ambiance and price point?

Yes it does.

Is it worth a second visit?

We think it deserves several if you really want to try out the menu properly. We have our eyes on the dessert next! 😉

Have you been to Amichi yet? Let us know in the comments below!

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