This Place In Lahore Is Making Balloon Cakes

This Place In Lahore Is Making Balloon Cakes

Do you ever feel that birthday celebrations have just become this played out ritual between your friends where nothing exciting ever happens? Everybody just orders that typical chocolate malt cake, does that half-hearted birthday song and that’s pretty much it? Also, whose idea was it to make birthday gifts go extinct?

However, if like us, boring celebrations bother you – the good people at Rina’s Kitchenette have found a way to make celebrations great again.

Presenting, balloon cakes.

Okay first off, this is cute AF. And also, elegant. Like we understand how difficult it is to be both at the same time but this cake has somehow nailed it.

Batool Mohsin, who is the owner and currently the head chef at Rina’s Kitchenette told us: “I’ll be honest. Balloon cakes aren’t an original idea. I saw them in London in October and I saw a lot of them on Instagram – decided to make them once I got my hands on some balloons.”

When asked if they do other kinds of customised cakes and what’s the process like, she says: “Customised cakes need to be ordered a day or two in advance. My younger brother, Mustafa Mohsin is an artist who does amazing art on cakes – from drawing up portraits to recreating paintings, he has done it all.”

Their cakes actually look pretty rad if you ask us.

Looking to spice up a a celebration this festive season, balloon cakes might actually do that for you. While you’re at it, send some our way too! :p

Happy eating!

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