8 Things We Wish Restaurants Would Stop Doing in 2019

8 Things We Wish Restaurants Would Stop Doing in 2019

Hello guys, happy new year and all that. We have been thinking about some of the things we wish that restaurants and food places would stop doing in 2019 – either because they are overdone, problematic or even just plain wasteful.

Here’s our list:

1- Serving ONLY Tarragon and Moroccan Chicken As Mains

Yes, we know Tarragon chicken is a mood but it’s also something that stopped being amazing in 2018. Restaurants really need to think before claiming they have an ‘innovative’ menu when their entrees basically consist of these two chicken dishes.

2- Selling Hot Chocolate That Tastes Like Ovaltine

hot chocolate

2018 came and went. Food places did not stop making hot chocolate that tastes like Ovaltine. Why you do this? Please don’t be kanjoos with cocoa.

Learn from Butler’s Chocolate Cafe.

3- Not Having Menus & Location Correctly Uploaded On Social Media

All the people asking for “Location?!” on your page – just make it easy for them bro.

4- Resorting To Using Sexist Undertones In Advertisements

Nothing hurts more than seeing a restaurant whose food you love resort to advertising tactics that are sexist. It’s 2019. Let’s do better. Please leave jokes about “women making sandwiches”, “second wives” behind & definitely don’t name popular dishes in your menu after celebrities who are known to have been violent against women.

5- Being Bad With Customer Service

I think we know by now that the customer ISN’T always right. Sometimes, they are rude, disrespectful and even threaten restaurants with bad reviews to get freebies. The challenge to be more smart at customer service is even greater in 2019. As restaurants, your staff should be trained at knowing what your brand is all about and communicating that to people who come in – respectfully – without shading them for leaving bad tips on social media.

6- Thinking About Social Impact As An Afterthought

Using plastic is definitely out and so is wasting food. If you’re a huge food brand, definitely invest in finding out which organisations you can partner up with to do better environmentally and in ensuring that your business doesn’t end up wasting a lot of food on the regular.

7- Not Adding New Things On Your Menu Frequently Enough

You know who you are. If you’re Noorani Kabab House, sure you can keep that one menu going for the next 50 years and we would still love you. If you’re a cafe that boasts about catering to diverse tastebuds, it will get really boring to NOT have exciting additions happening frequently enough.

We personally love how Easy did their #Decemberistan menu for winters and they only opened this year.

8- Judging A Customer For Not Having Travelled Enough 

Or for not knowing how food from a certain cuisine is supposed to taste. Please stop. It’s arrogant and condescending.

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