This Place In Karachi Is Now Serving Butterbeer

If you have read Harry Potter at some point in your life, you must have dreamt about the time you could also draw up a chair at The Three Broomsticks and get Madame Rosmerta to serve you a mug of butterbeer – a refreshing drink that could intoxicate house elves and really turn the day around for wizards and witches.

Well, all of us have seemed to have willed it into existence, because now this place called Bingsu in Karachi is serving butterbeer!

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First up, where is Bingsu?

Bingsu is located at Khayaban-e-Nishat, right next to Amichi. They primarily serve Korean Ice Cream but that’s a story for another time. πŸ˜‰

How does the butterbeer taste?

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The flavour profile of the butterbeer is similar to that of Danish butter cookies. You taste some vanilla, caramel and butterscotch. It is basically a concoction of vanilla soda topped with butterscotch cream.

The butterbeer is served at Bingsu and other pop-up locations too but is actually a product of Fika – which is Pakistan’s first craft soda brewery.

What other drinks can you look forward to next?

Some of the other drinks they are working on next include:

  • Nitro Tea (including the cheese tea)
  • Slow Fizz which is a strawberry soda
  • Ginger Beer – spicy and aromatic
  • Ricky – a mixed berries soda. It’s their take on a Vimto.

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Are you excited or are you excited? Tell us your expectations!

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