Yoshi’s Is Bringing 8 Crazy Items To The Menu This Week!

Yoshi’s Is Bringing 8 Crazy Items To The Menu This Week!

If you have been to Yoshi’s, you probably see it as a place that has become popular for ramen bowls and their stuffed animals that you can sit with in peace, while you slurp away your noodles. Usually with so many new restaurants opening in Karachi, it is hard to find food places that you’d want to frequent more than once.

Yoshi’s doesn’t have that problem for one simple reason: They keep adding new things to the menu – faster than you can even say new.

Here is what just got added to Yoshi’s menu this week!


mochi donuts
Mochi Donuts. Picture: GirlGottaEat

You probably have seen some form of mochi in Japanese food videos. It is referred to as a “rice cake” even though it looks nothing like a cake. In taste, it has a gooey, bubble-gum kind of texture but this is a bubble-gum that you can eat.

Yoshi’s used this to create mochi donuts – in flavours that will leave you drooling and wowed at the same time. Some of their more experimental flavours include: raspberry lemon curd, matcha, mint chocolate.

My absolute favourite flavours were: banana and walnut (this will taste like a ball of banana bread, it is so good), the peanut butter and caramel one (this is like having snickers in a donut form) and their espresso flavoured one (which is bound to be a crowd pleaser).


Daisy Special. Picture: GirlGottaEat

Okay the Daisy Special, will definitely raise a few eyebrows. The first time you see this, your mind probably goes like “aww, cute” but the minute somebody brings out a spoon and starts spanking this poor dessert bunny, it goes from a cute moment to scandalised laughter pretty quick. LOL.

This is a dessert you must have on your instagram at least once. The bunny, called Daisy, is made from gelatin and has a nice coconut-y flavour. It is also served with a donut and a scoop of ice cream.


netflix burger
Netflix Burger. Picture: GirlGottaEat

You heard it right. This is actually called the Netflix burger because the idea is that every time you are binge-watching, you crave something fried and crunchy.

This consists of soft potato buns, fried onions, fried chicken which is also really juicy, spice mayo and cheese. Definitely a step up from the commonly available chicken burger.


moffle chicken
Moffle Chicken Sandwich. Picture: GIrlGottaEat

This is a unique take on the waffle fried chicken sandwiches. The waffle here is actually made of mochi – so yes it has that gooey texture but here it is not sweet. In the mochi donuts, of course it is sweet.

The sound of this may make you a bit apprehensive at first but when you taste it, it just works. The fried chicken here is juicy, the slice of cheese, the sauce and the pickles really make a big difference in bringing all of these different things together. In fact, when ordering just ask for extra pickles.

And definitely, try it!


Halal Style

The name says it all. Styled after the rice bowl made popular by Halal Guys, the Yoshi’s version features two delicious sauces and crispy chicken. I think you need to go have this on an empty stomach to do this justice but again – an addition I am excited about.



Yes, the list is still ongoing. If you love donuts but hate it when they are oily, these donuts from Yoshi’s are your answer. They are soft, come in a huge variety of experimental and commonly liked flavours. Again, I loved the banana and walnut one but the plain glazed one is also amazing!


Pakistan Fried Chicken.jpg

Imagine fried chicken but boneless. Imagine fried chicken but cooked in delicious desi masalas. Imagine fried chicken but with a choice of 15 dips. This is that fried chicken and if you are drooling at this point, then definitely go get yourself a serving.

The sauces I absolutely recommend: the sesame sauce, garlic mayo, the karachi broast-esque garlic sauce and the plum sauce.


And finally, these fries with umami masala are that perfect balance between tangy and spicy. These can also actually be called Netflix Fries, because I definitely see myself munching on these while watching a show. Must must try and don’t forget the dip.

If all of these weren’t enough, here is a picture of my all-time favourite thing to order at Yoshi’s. The red szechuan noodles! 😀

Happy eating!


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