5 Drool-Worthy Desserts To Try This Season

5 Drool-Worthy Desserts To Try This Season

Have winters in Karachi given you an intense sweet tooth? We hear you! All we have been chugging on to are molten lavas and bread puddings…

And then, we discovered this place with gorgeous-looking desserts – some even healthier than others. Here is what caught our fancy at Nobby!

1- Sinfully Yours


First up, the presentation is wow. The second thing you notice is the unique combination of ingredients coming together. Coffee chocolate pudding,.. And then there are strawberries, honeycomb, whipped cream, raspberry jam topped with a lid made out of chocolate. This was a favourite at the table – also because it wasn’t overtly sweet and the crunchiness of honeycombs balanced the softness of the pudding and the tangy kick from the strawberries perfectly. Dive right in – after all, it is sinfully yours.

2- Lotus Pancakes


Lotus Pancakes have become all the rage in Karachi. First, Lotus Biscoff really makes Nutella look like the older, outdated sibling and then it just pairs with every possible dessert just as well. Brownies, churros – you name it.

These Lotus pancakes are layered with the biscoff spread at every level and then topped with Lotus crumbs, whipped cream and strawberries. The texture of the spread is perfect as it doesn’t get too sticky. You might not find it in the dessert section at Nobby per se, but we are considering it one!

3-French Brulee


Coming to safer dessert picks, this french brulee – which is a delightful french toast stuffed with custard and topped with caramel is available at Nobby’s breakfast menu but we had it for dessert. Also, a showstopper might we just add.

If you like french toasts, caramel or breakfast  – try this out!

4- Chia Nut Pudding


If you are craving something sweet while on a diet, this chia nut pudding might just be the one for you! Loaded with berries and healthy dry fruits, this can be the guilt-free dessert fix you can find at Nobby. The good thing? It’s also available in the breakfast menu if you are an early riser.

5- Ola Bowl of Grain


Another sweet, healthy pick! Crunchy granola, over a bowl of yoghurt and topped with fresh fruits. Say no more, fam!


This Khou Suey is another comforting food choice that you can delve in to drive your 2019 worries away. You are welcome.



Location: Nobby Cafe, Khayaban e Bukhari, Karachi

Have you tried any of this yet? Or plan to? Do write to us and tell us which desserts got you the most excited in 2019!

(This article is written in partnership with Nobby)

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