A Comprehensive Guide To The Best Discount Offers In VOUCH 365

How many times have you gone to a restaurant and thought if only there was a way you could get two of something in the price of one? Thankfully, with Vouch 365, now you can avail buy one, get one free offers in over 1500+ places.

We peeled through the entire book and came up with a list of the BEST discounts (in our opinion) that you get in the book and the app. Behold:

OFFER #1: 14th Street PizzaBuy a 12-inch Pizza and get one FREE.

14th street

A pizza party is calling!

OFFER #2: Subway – Buy a 6-inch Sub and get one FREE.


Let’s face it. A 6″inch sub never seemed enough on its own anyway. With you getting two in the price of one, it just might be the meal you’re looking for.

OFFER #3: KOEL CAFE – Buy an appetiser, main course or dessert and get another appestiser, main course, or dessert FREE.

koel cafe

The best appetiser in town – the spinach & artichoke dip. Get two of these, two mains and two desserts. It’s going to be quite the feast at KOEL, next time you go.

OFFER #4: Chaaye Khana – Buy a French Toast and get another FREE.

chaaye khana

The only thing worth ordering at Chaaye Khana are their french toasts and now you can get two in the price of one, thanks to Vouch 365.

OFFER #5: Churrosity –  Buy a Filled Churros and get another FREE.


This way you get to try two flavours at once. We recommend chocolate and caramel.

OFFER #6: Daily Dubai – Buy a Paneer Reshmi Handi OR Mix Grill and get another FREE.

paneer handi

OMG, Paneer Reshmi Handi is a mood and when you get to order two in the price of one, it just makes for a really happy you.

OFFER #7: Delina –  Buy a Hot Mess dessert and get another FREE.

Hot Mess

If you haven’t tried the Hot Mess dessert at Delina yet, whatcha waiting for? And while you are at it, use the Vouch 365 voucher to get two of these.

OFFER #8: Domino’s – Buy a Large Pizza and get another FREE.

Domino's Pizza

Imagine being able to have a Tex Mex and Jamaiican all at once. Well now you can while paying for only one.

OFFER #9: Ice Pops – Buy 2 Fruit Pops and get another fruit pop FREE.

ice pops 2

Ice Pops are going to be a staple with the incoming summer. If you have the Vouch 365, you are sorted.

OFFER #10: Muokata – Buy one taco and get another FREE.


These tacos are so innovative, you will definitely need two of these. With Vouch 365, just pay for one.

OFFER #11: Nandos – Buy 6 Peri Bites and get another 6 free. Buy a slice of cake, get another FREE.


Damn. Just look at it. Get a free slice of cake and 6 peri bites on the purchase of the same. No need to order mains tbh.

OFFER #12: Oh My Grill – Buy a Gourmet Burger and get another FREE.

oh my grill

Do you have friends who always claim that they are hungry even after having a full meal? This offer will come in handy for them! Get two gourmet burgers at Oh My Grill, and pay for only one with this voucher.

OFFER #13: Sugaries – Buy 3 signature brownies and get another FREE.


A perfect opportunity to treat your friends… or yourself. We are not judging.

OFFER #14: Tooso – Buy a Classic Club Sandwich and get another FREE.

Club Sandwich

No one does club sandwiches like Tooso. Get two of these in the price of one with Vouch 365. Imagine all the extra fries… yum.

OFFER #15: Walla – Buy a Rice Platter and get another FREE.

walla shawarma

Feel like having a shawarma? Well, have two at Walla.

Make your 2020 hot and happening while saving a whole LOTTA money with Vouch 365. Use the link here to buy the app: https://bit.ly/38wmSi8


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